Welcome to BOLANDagri Farming!

Bolandagri specialises in Agricultural equipment and parts.  A diverse range of tractors, earthmoving and tillage equipment is available at Bolandagri.  The company is responsible for sales and distribution throughout the Western Cape.  The range includes Top Brands including Claas, Tafe, Avant, Liugong and Agripieces.

This places the company in a position to compete with all major players in the Agricultural industry in South Africa.



DB-Xtream Seeding Systems

The DBX seeding system has been developed with a focus on soil structure, sustainability and profits. Knowledge sources built-up over many years of industry experience have been drawn on to provide the ultimate in maximized performance and yields.

Precision seed placement from each individual DBX Unit, combined with effective under-seed cultivation at depth, are just two of the key reasons why farmers continue to reap the rewards from this unique product.



Bolandagri Wellington & Robertson is die amptelike handelaar vir Agripieces in die Weskaap met voorraad by altwee takke vir demostrasies of besigtiging.