CLAAS forage harvesting | LINER swathers

  • Liner four-roto swathers
  • Dual-rotor swathers (central swath laying)
  • Dual-rotor swathers (side swath laying)
  • line single-rotor swathers


Single-rotor swathers

The LINER 550–370 swathers from CLAAS are single-rotor machines specifically designed for farmers who prefer to do their own forage harvesting, often in smaller farm settings


PROFIX tine arm bracket

The PROFIX clamping brackets allow the tine arms to be changed quickly, while the multiple grooves on the tine arms ensure zero play.



The large tyres and the four- or six-wheel contour chassis protect both the soil and the grass cover


TWIN function

Depending on the forage yield and following machine, or the need for overnight windrowing, with the TWIN function you can choose to lay either two narrow swaths or one wide one (LINER 1800 TWIN, 1700 TWIN, LINER 1600 TWIN, 800 TWIN and 700 TWIN).


18-to-12 strategy

With the “18-to-12” strategy, with the LINER 3600 the grass mown over a working width of 18.0 m can be formed into a swath. This makes full use of the forage harvester’s capacity, and reduces the number of passes required.


The benefits for you

  • Exclusive to CLAAS: continuously lubricated and hermetically sealed swathing drive
  • PROFIX tine arm bracket: zero play and wear-resistant
  • Three-dimensional ground-contour following, thanks to the fully floating suspension
  • Transport height reduced to below 4.00 metres without needing to remove individual tine arms
  • Cam track in oil bath: life-long maintenance-free reliability.
  • Rotors with fully floating suspension and four-wheel chassis for perfect ground-contour following


  1. Maintenance-free swathing transmission with continuous lubrication and 12 tine arms
  2. Rotors with fully floating suspension and four-wheel chassis for perfect ground-contour following
  3. Large tyres on the main frame
  4. Simple and convenient attachment and removal of the machine
  5. Display for maximum steering lock clearly visible from the tractor seat
  6. Comfort hydraulics (load-sensing) fitted as standard
  7. OPERATOR or COMMUNICATOR II for ease of operation
  8. Individual rotor lift and headland management
  9. LED work lights