Hooi Toerusting


Robust and reliable, easy to use but with high performances: Southtrade stock’s the Feraboli Extreme and Entry ranges. More recent additions are the new fixed chamber baler with chains. The top seller model is the Entry 120: Innovative frame with compound structure.


Pull type mower coupled to the tractor through the rear tractor hitch.
The rotary gearbox allows a large angle in case of maneuver without shutting down the tractor’s power take-off. The primary transmission takes place by an oil bath multiplier, 540 or 1000 revolutions by rotating the box, while the secondary transmission is through gears in oil-bath . Adjustement of the cutting height is done by a lever on the chassis of the mower, which varies the inclination of the mowing unit.


AXOS 340-310
A true friend and partner.  The AXOS is a machine for daily use. With its compact dimensions, it delivers enormous flexibility for a wide variety of jobs.




Markant, Rollant & Quadrant Balers.


Perfect results in all operating conditions.
The MAX CUT mower bar is now fitted on all CLAAS front mowers and almost all DISCO rear mowers. The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest model to the largest.


Single-rotor swathers
The LINER 550–370 swathers from CLAAS are single-rotor machines specifically designed for farmers who prefer to do their own forage harvesting, often in smaller farm settings.


LEXION 770-750
Built on experience. The new LEXION.  When real-world requirements and experience are combined with the latest research findings, the result is a machine which impresses on every count. We’ve listened to you and have designed a machine that is tailored precisely to your needs.


TAFE 1002
Simpson Engine with Turbo – 4 Cylinders – Power 75kW/100hp – Dry type air cleaner


TAFE 9502
Simpson Engine with Turbo – 4 Cylinders – power 77kW/90hp – Fuel tank 85 Litres