• Number of draw bars single section 2 – 3 -4
  • Section width  910mm per section

The BPI Zig-Zag Harrows are mainly used to crush clods and to level a seedbed after ploughing. They are used to control weeds and to cover seed or fertilizer that have been sprayed out and can also be used to aerate pastures. Zig-Zag Tine Harrows are characterised by a wide working width and 20 heat treated steel tines per section. Tine Harrows may have rigid or flexible frames as well as rectangular or triangular.



  • Single & Tandem is available

The Rotary Harrows are ideal for loosening hard crusted and compacted soil after heavy rains. This implement is mounted on the tractor’s three-point linkage system. Models are available in single or tandem carts (per row). The single carts consist of four wheels with 16 tines per wheel and the tandem cart consist of four wheels in front and three wheels at the rear with 16 tines on each wheel. The 116 three-point mounted Rotary Harrow is utilised for harrowing directly on the row.