Wilted silage, straw and hay are shaped precisely, with maximum bale density. Both the bale density and bale length can be adjusted as required.

CLAAS square balers | QUADRANT 4000 – the benefits for you

  • With its well-engineered packer tine technology, the QUADRANT 4000 bales forage that is ideal for ruminants, and especially suitable for horses.
  • And most importantly, the feed rake system does not damage the stalks, enabling the QUADRANT 4000 to produce dust-free bales.
  • The 80 x 50-cm bale format also facilitates easy bale handling in barn and stable environments.



The success model

The QUADRANT 1150 was launched 17 years ago to cater for farms seeking to achieve maximum forage protection. Fast-forward to 2014, and CLAAS is now launching the follow-up model to this highly successful baler. For farms in low mountain regions with smaller tractors, and in particular for those with horses, this packer tine machine is the QUADRANT par excellence.

Bales of the highest quality

The QUADRANT 4000 impresses with its consistent crop intake and high compaction, and also firmly tied square bales, thanks to the CLAAS high-performance knotter. The QUADRANT 4000 also ensures top forage quality. With its packer tine technology, the stalks remain at their original length. The leafy material is preserved and thus retained perfectly intact, delivering outstanding forage quality. With minimal dust formation during the baling process, the QUADRANT 4000 is the ideal baler for all horse-keepers. Additionally, portioning of rations for horses is extremely simple, thanks to the baling slices – one slice corresponds to about a day’s ration.


  1. Bale dimensions 80 x 50 cm
  2. Pickup with working width of 2.00 m
  3. Height-adjustable drawbar
  4. Maintenance-free, 2-phase CLAAS feed rake with 5 tines
  5. New feed rake clutch with 4300 Nm
  6. 122 packer tine strokes/min with 61 ram strokes/min
  7. Four new single knotters
  8. Two blowers for knotter cleaning
  9. New protection system between knotter and needle
  10. Pivoting twine boxes for easier access
  11. DUO PACK bale accumulator
  13. New central lubrication, optional