ROLLANT 350 / 340

For efficient baling

ROLLANT is the highest-selling silage baler worldwide. With leading, highly dependable technology, our systems guarantee perfect results under all conditions.


CLAAS round balers | ROLLANT 350* / 340 – the benefits for you

  • Bale size 1.25 x 1.20 m
  • 2.10-m-wide pick-up with castor guide wheels
  • Bale chamber with 16 compaction rollers
  • ROTO CUT cutterbar with 14 knives (now also on the ROLLANT 340)
  • Simple and reliable machine


  1. Perfect overview of pick-up for optimal crop flow monitoring and control
  2. CLAAS OPERATOR for added convenience and control
  3. CLAAS STANDARD TERMINAL (CST) for operating basic functions via direct selector buttons
  4. Net wrap and/or twine tying
  5. Baling chamber (1.25 x 1.20 m) with 16 reinforced, profiled rollers
  6. ROTO REVERSE, hydraulic rotor reversing
  7. 14 individually secured knives for optimal chop quality at chopping lengths of 70 mm
  8. ROTO CUT with 14 knives, and either a feed rake or ROTO FEED


Everything under control with CST or OPERATOR

  • Simple operation from the cab
  • Optional: OPERATOR terminal


ROTO CUT cutterbar system with 14 knives

  • 14 knives with 6-mm rotor stars
  • Strippers ensure a permanently clean rotor
  • Improved bale shape


The fixed chamber concept

  • 16 rollers for optimal bale rotation
  • Bale size 1.25 x 1.20 m
  • Choice of net wrap or twine tying