Rotary Tillers

Supplier:  Various including Southtrade private label

Southtrade rotary tillers have very robust and rigid structures, which keeps its shape even after many years of work, allowing a perfect support to transmission parts. Gear on gear transmission ensures long term reliability and minimal maintenance. Gearboxes are supported on both sides of the machine frame spreading the torque over both sides of the machine. Southtrade only stocks versions with gear on gear transmission. Chain drive versions are special imports only.




Power Harrows

Supplier:  Various including Southtrade private label

Welded gear-bed technology offers the maximum resistance to torsional stress, to guarantee the proper alignment and ideal meshing of the gears inside the gear-bed. Furthermore, thanks to this design, it is not necessary to fit side reinforcement bars from the 3 point hitch to the implement ends, and this is particularly appreciable in folding units, where side reinforcement bars cannot be fitted.





Supplier:  Various including Southtrade private label

High quality spikes rotors. The spike rotor is very versatile, and effectively works in dry-hard soil as well as in wet soil. It usually absorbs less power than straight tines rotor.




Spade Ploughs

Supplier: Selvatici

Spading machines have applications, such as:
– to work without any problem in extremely wet soil.
– to work up to a maximum working depth of 40 cm (60 cm models with rear sub-soilers).
– to remove the bottom soil hardpan.
– to partially lay underground crop residues without throwing the clods back completely.
– to limit soil erosion and also the wash away of light and steeply sloping soil, because the tilled soil is composed of medium size clods.
– also, it requires low traction power thus it efficiently absorbs the tractor power.




Concept Perugni

Concept Perugini offers an excellent alternative to other brands offered by Southtrade with high level of __aimed at larger commercial farmers with tough applications.





Since 2016 Southtrade has added landforce rotary tillers to its range. This range is aimed at small to medium operators requiring lower tractor HP.