Axial Fan Mistblowers

Supplier: Nobili

Nobili trailed and three point mounted mistblowers  range from 300 to 5000 litre tank capacity. Tanks are available in glass-fibre or Polyethylene. The PE tanks are all EUROPGAP standard with hand-wash tanks and fresh water tanks for cleaning. Nobili is one of the last remaining OEM manufacturers of gearboxes and pumps. Pump options vary from 60 lt/min up to 220lt/min or more. Nobili offers blower fans including:

  • axial up to 1050mm
  • Towers for orchards and vineyards
  • Over-the –row for vineyards
  • Low volume for vinyards
  • Jet cannon
  • Infra-red / sonar

The blower fan and pump options are numerous and can easily be interchanged, or retrofitted onto other brands. Nobili sprayers are the bench mark and market leaders in SA and the chosen model of most of the largest sprayer fleets in South Africa. Southtrade carries almost all Nobili production in stock at all times. Nobili mistblowers are built entirely in the Nobili factory with few component buy outs. Features and benefits – many unique to Nobili, together with dependability and longevity ensure that this is the best value mistblower available. Numerous tests performed by large estates, and universities, as well as independent researchers have time and again proven that Nobili offers the best droplet distribution solutions for any application.





Low volume sprayers | Trailed and mounted sprayers with centrifugal blowers

Supplier: Nobili 

Nobili offer a full range of trailed and mounted sprayers with centrifugal fans for vineyards, vegetables and orchards. From small compact versions to large spray towers Nobili offers many alternatives, all interchangeable.