DB Xtream Planters

The very earliest planters have now been in operation for 15 years, some have changed ownership up to four times and the life limit of these machines have still not been reached.

The bulk of maintenance on the planter is obviously derived from the ground engaging parts, which prove the durability of the product.

The product is designed to last under harsh African conditions. Besides this physical attribute, it is the perfect fit for conservation agriculture (no till), which has been proven to be the only way forward for long term sustainable farming.

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 DB Xtream Seeders

The DBX Seeding System has been developed with a focus on soil structure, sustainability and profits.

Knowledge sources built-up over many years of industry experience have been drawn on to provide the ultimate in maximized performance and yields.

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 DB Xtream Spreaders

Trailed Spreader

Double overlap design ensures uniform spread. Spreading pattern of up to 36 metres for granular fertilizers and 13 metres for lime can be achieved. Spinner speed can be set from within the cab from 500 to 1000 r.p.m.
Wide tyres allow for higher floatation and therefore prevents soil structure damage. Two sizes are available: 10 and 16 tons

Three-Point Hitch Spreader

The tractor mounted hopper can accommodate up to 2500 litres/kg of fertilizer.
Spreading discs can accurately regulate spreading width from 12 to 32 metres.
All components in contact with fertilizer are stainless steel.

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 Trailed Sprayer

Rugged design with leaf springs and shock absorbing towbar for sprayboom longevity and stability Larger tyres allow for greater floatation that prevents soil structure damage.

Xpray field sprayers are in two tractor drawn models:

  • A. The X2800 with 2500 liter tank capacity plus 300 liter clean water has hydraulic folding booms ranging in sizes from 18,5 to 24,5 meters
  • B. The X4300 has a 4000 liter Chemical tank plus 300 liter clean water comes with 28m, 30m and 36m booms
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